lives and works in Brooklyn, NY


Education Yale School of Art, M.F.A. Sculpture 2006
  Smith College, B.A. Cultural Anthropology 1997
Solo Exhibitions  2010
  Seen From Elsewhere, Galerie Lisa Ruyter, Vienna, Austria (September 14 - October 30)
  The Intention of the Device, Claudia Groeflin Galerie , Zurich, Switzerland
  Mobiles, ATM Gallery, New York, New York
  Solo Project at LISTE Young Art Fair (with Groeflin Maag Galerie), Basel, Switzerland
  Here and There, Groeflin Maag Galerie, Basel, Switzerland
Two Person Exhibitions 2017
  Knock On Effect, Anne Eastman and Corinne Jones, Situations, New York, NY
  audience ≒ one, Eastman Pippin, The Green Gallery, Milwaukee, WI
  The Inside of the Outside, Anne Eastman and Tatiana Kronberg, Essex Flowers, New York, NY
  Anne Eastman & Benjamin Butler , ATM Gallery, New York, NY
  Two Gnomes on Rocks Facing Each Other, with Mari Eastman, General Store, Milwaukee WI
Group Exhibitions
  Working/Not Working, curated by Matt Connors CANADA, New York, NY
  Temporal Situations Screening, curated by Mariah Robertson, Situations, New York, NY
  Troedsson Villa Mountain School, Statements, Tokyo, Japan
  Island States, curated by Corinne Jones, Tops Gallery, Memphis, TN
  Several Swallowing Egg Sounds, curated by Yuri Stone, Peregrine Program, Chicago, IL
  Inventory of Lucifer’s Grotto, organized by Jackie Klempay and Frank Haines,Jackie Klempay, Brooklyn, NY
  Last Brucennial, curated by BHQF, New York, NY
  Anne Eastman, Sara Ludy, Yuri Masnyj, Klaus von Nichtssagend Gallery, New York, NY
  Place to Place to Place, curated by Max Warsh, Plant House, New York, NY
  Splonk, curated by Holly Coulis, 106 Green, Brooklyn, NY
  B-Out, curated by Scott Hug, Andrew Edlin Gallery, New York, NY
  East West Shift to the Middle, Bill Brady/KC, Kansas City, Missouri
  Video Storefront, curated by Rachel and Trevor Reese, Possible Projects, Philadelphia, PA
  Between This Light and That Space, curated by Douglas Melini, Minus Space, Brooklyn, NY
  Smell of Pepper, curated by Jakob Krajcik and Peter Bergman, Peter Bergman Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden (September, 2010)
  The Light Bearers, curated by Elizabeth Giovanni, POST Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
  Ashes to Ashes , curated by Christopher Garrett, Andreas Melas Presents, Athens, Greece
  June 17 through July 23, ATM Gallery, New York, NY
  Videos by Anne Eastman, Maggie Foster, Guthrie Lonergan, Hayley Silverman, Jancar Jones Gallery, San Francisco, CA
  There Is No Solution Because There Is No Problem , Art Sheffield Fringe 2010, curated by Richard Sides & Angharad Williams, Sheffield, England
  Newtonland, White Flag Projects. curated by Michelle Grabner, St. Louis, MI
  Interim in Three Rounds, Frederick Petzel Gallery, curated by Jason Murison, New York, NY
  Forschungsbericht , COCO, curated by Severin Dunser and Christian Kobald, Vienna, Austria
  New York Stories, Light Industry, curated by Matt Keegan, Industry City, NY, NY
  B'L'ing at No Soul for Sale, X-Initiative, Curated by Rhizome, New York, NY
  Video Pyramid, Guild and Greyshkul, curated by Mariah Robertson & Ana Wolovick, New York, NY
  East Moves West , ATM Gallery, New York, NY
  B'L'ing HQ, Art in General, New York, NY
  B'L'ing Screening, White Columns, New York, NY
  B'L'ing, Dark Fair, Swiss Institute, New York, NY
  Dimensions Vary, curated by Josephine Durkin, Gallery at Texas A&M Commerce, TX
  Year Zero, curated by Megan Pflug, V&A Gallery, New York, NY
  All You Desire, curated by Jason Murison, P.P.O.W. Gallery, New York, NY
  Landscapes, Southfirst Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
  3rd Annual Porn Week, Monkey Town Screening Room, Brooklyn, NY
  Ragged, curated by Josh Blackwell, Kate MacGarry, London
  The Future is Blind, Peekskill Project 06, videos curated by Daniel Fuller, HVCCA, Peekskill, NY
  Smoking Mirrors, curated by Amy Yao and Steve Hanson, China Art Objects, Los Angeles, CA
  Yale Sculpture MFA Thesis Show, New Haven CT
  Shape Shifters, curated by Amy Yao, China Art Objects, Los Angeles CA
  There's a City in My Mind, Southfirst Gallery, Brooklyn NY
  Video Pleasures of the East, curated by Mariah Robertson, Worth Ryder Gallery, UC Berkeley CA
  Adapt and Overcome, Yale School of Art Gallery, New Haven CT
  Animal Destinies, curated by Yasufumi Nakamori, Goliath Visual Space, Brooklyn NY
  A/C, Elizabeth Dee Gallery, New York NY
  Sadie Hawkins Dance, Southfirst Gallery, Brooklyn NY
  Drunk vs. Stoned, General Store at Passerby, New York NY
  Standard Projection: 24/7, Standard Hotel, Los Angeles CA
  The Dialogue (II), screening, Thomas Erben Gallery, New York NY
  Writing on the Wall, screening curated by Daniel Reich, Collective Unconscious, New York NY
  The Ides of March, ABC No Rio, New York NY
  Miss World 1972: A Free Form Art Show, Daniel Reich Gallery, New York NY
  Product Actual Size, screening at Bronwyn Keenan Gallery, New York NY
Curatorial Projects 2017 Fall
  Satellite TV at Tetsuo's Garage, 8-10 Yasukawa, Nikko, Japan
  2016 Summer
  Troedsson Villa Mountain School, Troedsson Villa, Nikko Japan
  for troedsson villa, Spring 2015, exhibition organized with Tam Ochiai, Troedsson Villa, Nikko, Japan
  Troedsson Villa Residency, established in 2015, Nikko, Japan
  Hunter, Ellie, Nada Miami 2017, The Rib, December 11, 2017
  Knock-On Effect, The New Yorker, March 13, 2017
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Awards Susan H. Whedon Award, Yale School of Art